Win Prizes!

As an incentive to get you submitting lots of good quality photos, we will be giving out a NUS extra card each month for the best photo – as deemed by us! All photos submitted each month will be automatically considered.

We will contact winners directly and publish a list of winning photos right here:

May 2016 winner!

University of Bedfordshire submitted a number of photos this month, however this one is the winner! It has been resolved by the university’s environmental manager.

20150729 Winner May 2016







April 2016 winner!

The winning photo for this month comes from the University of Sussex where lights have been left on unnecessarily in a meeting room.

20160525 Winner April 2016


March 2016 winner!

Leicester Students’ Union ran a fantastic day of action in March, taking lots of photos with lights left on unnecessarily around campus. This is one of an unnecessarily lit map.

20160418 Winner March 2016

February 2016 winner!

This month’s winner is from Walsall College. It’s a fantastic example of utterly wasted electricity, with lights under a large skylight that are left on all day and not event bright enough to make a difference to the area below.

20160418 Winner Feb 2016

November 2015 winner!

This month’s winner was a particularly arty photo from UCLan, with a great autumnal tree in the foreground!













September 2015 winner!

This month, Ivy spotted this wasted energy, and very concisely wrote: “I don’t see the point in having these lights on in the day time.” Our thoughts exactly!






August 2015 winner!

Giggleswick station is the site of this month’s winning photo, with the sun glinting off the window beautifully (and disappointingly) mirrored by a streetlamp left on.







June/July 2015 winner!

This month, sunny Cardiff put a streetlight to shame.






May 2015 winner!

Anthony’s photo of the dreadfully wasteful Dreadnought Library at Greenwich is this month’s winner!



April 2015 winner!

The rather beautiful McClay building at QUB shamelessly flaunting its lights with the sun shining behind it!





March 2015 winner!

There seems to be a theme here…more castles having problems with their energy wastage!





February 2015 winner!

Bath Spa may well have a castle, but they still need help from you lot to spot wasted energy!




February 2015 Snap It Off Day winner!

On our second Snap It Off Day, we had over 70 photos submitted. The winner was Alexander from Liverpool with this photo and story: “The light pictured cannot be turned off. It’s on all day everyday and this has been since September of when I first started here! It’s underneath every door of every student accommodation hall in the student village. It’s pretty pointless too since it’s never of a low visibility around here. It is constantly on 24/7. Plus it’s right by my window during the night and causes quite a distraction! 🙂 ”






January 2015 winner!

Our Happy Snapper this month spotted this streetlight on the concourse at Sheffield Uni. Luckily it was resolved very quickly!





December 2014 winner!

We enjoyed the arty lighting in December’s photo. Shame about the unnecessarily lighting ruining the effect!









November 2014 winner!

In November, we decided to award the submission that best sums up a British autumn…well done James!




October 2014 winner!

October 2014 saw our very first Snap It Off Day! The winning submission came from Catherine in Gloucestershire, who looks very pleased to be saving energy…