What do people think?

According to the IEA, 14% of all the electricity generated in the UK is used on lighting.

We’re proud of what we’re doing with Snap It Off, making sure that  less energy is wasted around the UK and helping create a greener society.

But don’t just take our word for it!

  • “Impressed by NUS UK’s Snap It Off photo website that creates social pressure to reduce unnecessary energy consumption” –  Munish Datta, Head of Property, Marks & Spencer
  • “Snap it Off is a great idea.  It is a fantastic outlet for students, and others, who spot wasteful energy practices to be able to do something positive about it.We have light sensors controlling all our station lights and smart metering to monitor their energy use. But with lots of unstaffed stations, it is always valuable to find out where we can still make further adjustments or put things right quickly when they go wrong. Please send us your ‘spots’.” – Richard Gotheridge, Environment and Sustainability Manager, Arriva Trains Wales
  • “This seems a really good idea which we could introduce to our colleagues” – Stewart Cahill, Environment Manager, First ScotRail
  • We know that a minority of students leave their lights on and open their windows with the heating full on. This would be a good way for the student community to self-police.” – Keith Willox, Domus Bursar, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University
  • This is actually a really handy way to find out where lights are on unnecessarily” – Dan Fernbank, Energy Manager, Reading University
  • “[I] completely and fully support the Snap It Off campaign…keep this great thing going.”
    – Richard Groves, Head of Energy & Engineering at Goldsmiths, University of London
  • “Glad to see this snapitoff campaign and that it’s engaging our students in reporting energy wastage!” – Simon Chubb, Environment Manager, Anglia Ruskin University
  • Waste of all kinds disturbs me, and energy waste in particular. I enthusiastically endorse your campaign and wish you well.” –  Ian Troughton, IT Technincian, Environmental Research Group, KCL
  • Our network is huge and 2/3 of our stations are unstaffed, so we are not necessarily able to spot faults immediately, and often rely on members of the public.” –  Karen Booth, Environment Manager, Northern Rail
  • With such a large estate and with many of our stations unstaffed the extra eyes provided from the Snap it Off campaign are more than welcome.” – Gareth Williams, Energy Solutions Manager, Northern Rail
  • Glad to hear they gonna solve the problem. In order to save the earth, we have to stop wasting the energy. And in order to stop wasting the energy, try to SNAP IT OFF!” –  Nur Asyiqin Mohamed Aini, Student, Reading University
  • “Snap It Off sounds like a great initiative” – Jane Lowe, Project Support Officer, Spelthorne Borough Council