Getting through grey days

Happy New Year! We hope you had a lovely break over the festive period. Now that we’re back with our noses to the grindstone during these short, grey, dull days, we thought we’d suggest some easy resolutions to keep yourselves feeling chipper.

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  1. Volunteer

It’s sometimes hard to get yourself motivated at this time of year. If you’re struggling with getting yourself dressed in the morning, then volunteering may seem like a step too far. But if you can manage to get yourself out of the house, then volunteering for a good cause might be just the way to brighten your days and chase away those January blues. Believe it or not, doing something nice for others or a good cause is often the first step to feeling happier. Despite many beliefs to the contrary, we are a fundamentally generous species!

Students’ unions are specialists in providing opportunities for you to get out and about and benefit others. Pop on your SU’s website to see what they’ve got available.


  1. Talk to people

Loneliness is especially difficult this time of year, so giving someone that much needed human contact can brighten up their day and yours. Chat to the chap behind you in the queue at the supermarket or the girl you’re sitting next to on the bus. Offer to help the person struggling with bags or volunteer to visit an elderly person for a cup of tea. You might be surprised about how good it makes you feel.


  1. Make small lifestyle changes that add up

Walk or cycle instead of driving, switch off the TV/laptop/iPad and whip out a book/guitar/crafty project one evening a week, put your phone away (and resist checking it every 5 seconds), cook a meal with your household…all these actions (and more) might just help you to feel a bit more cheerful. Not only that, all of these actions will actually help you to save energy (oh come on, you knew we’d have to include that bit!).


If all of the above fails, send us a photo of an unnecessary light that you spot via the website, the Facebook app or on Twitter using #snapitoff. Then feel all nice and smug that you’re helping people save energy and money!


We have our next Snap It Off Day coming up on 3rd Feb. Keep an eye on your emails for more information and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email


Until next time, happy snappers, keep your chins up (and scarves wrapped snugly to keep warm)!