What sort of photos are you after?Frequently Asked Questions

We are looking for photos of lights left on unnecessarily that you cannot turn off yourself. The best examples are shots of lights on in lovely bright daylight, whether outside streetlights beaming despite the sunshine, or vast swathes of lights on next to huge sunny windows! We also like photos of lights that are on in empty rooms with no clear way for the average student or passerby to switch them off.

And if you do spot an empty meeting room or an office that’s had the light left on, remember to switch it off!

Shots of buildings that are still lit up at night are great, but it’s very difficult to know for sure that they are in fact empty, there could be some researchers hard at work in the early hours of the morning or cleaners making sure the building is tidy and ready for the next day, so chances are, we won’t be able to use them.

Photos of signs and pathways lit up at night are acceptable lighting too – we don’t want to sacrifice people’s safety.

For now this site is just about lights but, if it is successful, we might do other items like air conditioning or fridges in the future.

How can I promote this?
Click here to visit our resources section’ and link to the new ‘help us promote’ section, above.

How do I submit a photo?

Upload it via here.

Is it just for lights in colleges and universities?
No. It’s for photos anywhere. And you don’t have to be a student, or registered with us, to submit photos. If your photo is for off-campus, just use the ‘Off-campus’ links when submitting or browsing.

Why haven’t you published my photo?
We will try and publish as many of the photos as we can. As a minimum we need the exact location (e.g. Bus stop outside University House, main campus, Leeds University), time and date of photo and your name. Without these we cannot publish your photo.

What makes a good photo?
Ideally it will have a reference point in it that helps show where it is. Not necessarily Big Ben in the background, but something that people from the area can recognise. And people pointing to the lights are good too, especially if you want to stand a chance of being in our most popular photos section!

Click to enlarge and view the following examples:


thumbEntrance of the mall walk - outside Fulton House

What do you mean Resolved?
If the photo has a red outline that means that no one has told us that the issue has been fixed – it is Not Resolved. If you know that the issue has been fixed (or if you are responsible for the lights in question and have done something to fix it), please let us know via the link in each photo. We will then change the status of the photo to green, Resolved.

How can I contact you?
If you have any issues, questions or suggestions you can contact us at snapitoff@nus.org.uk.